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Zodiac Pendant
Powerfull Planatery Vedic Astral/Jyotisha remedy to strengthen all the benefic planets in a Birth chart/Lagna/Rashi.

Zodia Pendant is the major part of Astral/Jyotisha Remedies(Legacy of Indian Vedic Astrology) which has gained acceptance across the world ),There is 12 types of ZP/Kavach(from Aries to Pices),prescribed according to the native's rising ascendant(Rashi)/Lagna.

In the birth chart , when benefic planets are weak due to ill placement, debilitation, combustion and afflicted by malefic planets,( In such a situation the benefic planets cannot protect & promote their general & particular significations in getting the desired results ). prescribed Kavach to strengthen all benefic planets for better & prosperous life.

The ZODIAC PENDANT/KAVACH/LOCKET LUCK is a small silver/gold device (approx. 2 inch by 1 inch). Mostly silver metal is used to engrave mystical numbers of functional benefic planets as per chart. These mystical set of numbers are come from the classical literature of Vedic astrology,represents by planets indivisualy and engraved for all the benefic planets on a single disc. In a specified elected auspicious time (powerfull Shubh Muhurta)through advance system of vedic astrology & spiritual power to energised planets for a particular ascendant/lagna/Rashi to ward of the natal & transit's bad impacts of planets . This is to be worn around the neck like a pendant, in an other spl. auspicious elected time as per location of the native (through their longitude/latitudes, time zone and DST) etc.

The Zodiac Pendent is a very cost effective device in a way that all the benefic planets can be strengthened by wearing a single Pendant,( alternate of 4-7 Gem Stones) much cheaper than thousand dollors.

Zodiac Pendent/Kavach/Locket Luck has no side effects. The Zodiac Pendant/Kavach/Locket Luck alone is capable of strengthening all the weak functional benefic planets as per birth chart.

It gives the following benefits :
Protects health, remove sexual inability, maintain status, provides professional success, develops character & leadership quality, success in studies, improve memory, gives timely marriage, prevent marital discord, success in relationships, blesses with children and removal of obstructions in life and ward of all vastu dosha,black magic and many more.

Thousands of people are prosperous & living peaceful life after wearing Zodiac Pendant (Kavach).

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