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Marriage is considered as the most sacred occasions in one’s life. It brings a sense of maturity, responsibility and completeness of life. Marriage contributes towards the enhancement of social status of a person. In Hindu customs it is believed that a person repays his/her forefathers through their child, and marriage is the first step in that. Thus, marriage is a connection between the man and the society. Marriage is the most important ceremony in an individual’s life and consequently in our society. Marriage astrology gives details about compatibility, details about ups and downs in married life and the amount of love between couples, sexual compatibility, charms and divorce and so on.

Marriage horoscope report is our exclusive report that addresses about your marital life and your life partner…

  • Nature of your Marriage-Love or arranged ?
  • Most favourable period of Marriage?
  • Any delay in getting married?
  • How your married life would be?
  • Any pre-marital Relation?
  • Any chances of Seperation, Divorce?
  • Any Chances of Re-marriage?
  • Any Chances of Remain bachelor in life?
  • Any chances of your spouse having in extra marital relation
  • Effective remedial solutions to vanish your problems.
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