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Divya punj Astro solution was established by Astrologer Shree sanjit. Shree sanjit was involved in spiritual activities by birth. Astro education, yoga, dhyaan, saadhna, worship, Vedas, upnishad, Gita and Ramayan core study. In initial phase the spiritual development of Shree Sanjeet occurred by inspiration and coordination with his grand father, father, mother and astro gurus. Together with Vidyarambh Sanskar, the spiritual development of Shree Sanjit occurred under the supervision of gayetri pariwar. Shiv pariwar is the source of his spiritual power and by his mercy presently shree sanjit is doing research on Vedas. Simultaneously Shree Sanjit is also doing human welfare with the help of astrological solution through stones, yantra, mantra and dhayan.

Purpose of divya punj (astro solution):

  1. Limitless service for human welfare.
  2. To help disabled and old age persons
  3. To work for the welfare of orphans.
  4. To eliminate the bad evils prevailing in the society
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