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Manglik Analysis
Manglik dosh is a serious problem in the Hindus for the marriage. It become very hard to search a match for manglik girl / boy. As per general rule of manglik dosh, every 5 person out of 12 are always manglik. It means approximate 42% population is always manglik.

There are further more rules and condition for the Manglik Dosh, after that only few person remain manglik, and again there are some rules applied on individual horoscope, then most of manglik declared person by our 'Pandit Ji' actually are non-manglik. While you are searching a manglik match for you / your daughter / son, who is astrologically non-manglik. There are so many Astrological condition, in which a 'Manglik' person can marry with a 'Non Manglik' person.

I will analyze in proper way and tell you whether you / your daughter or sun is Manglik or not? Is he or she really need to Marry with a Manglik person??

And all analysis with the rules of Vedic astrology for Manglik dosh & exceptions with reference of authentic text books written by our Rishis.

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